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Plans for My City Date with Corey:

  1. Dress up in a fancy dress, maybe a jacket.
  2. Show up at his house at 11:30, make sure he’s showered and formally dressed.
  3. 12:00 go into the city.
  4. Go to the village, do the usual stuff.
  5. Have $1 pizza.
  6. Go to Washington Square Park, run around… let his ADHD explode.
  7. Go to St. Marks area.
  8. Go to the usual goth store, halloween store, search and destroy, and shit like that.
  9. Around 5:30-ish we will then head back to midtown and go to dinner at a fancy Thai place and I shall try to pay for the bill, but he will not let me… but I shall insist and the conflict will play out.
  10. Around 6:30 we will then go to M&M world where we will promptly buy a bunch of M&Ms for our show.
  11. At 7 we will then head over to Les Mis and wait in line! and be excited!
  12. I will then promptly pee at 7:45 like always and we will then enjoy the show.
  13. Afterwards we will come back home… probably late and either have sex in the back of his car… or maybe he will crash at my house… but it will be nice!



andkeptoutofsight gave me virtual sunflowers!

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When your mom picks up the wrong birth control… The one you used to use… The one she doesn’t know about… Errrrrr. I can’t tell her she’s wrong because then she’ll cause a fuss and then find out I have sex… Ugh


This is really fucking powerful.

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(I am so not okay right now… And he won’t answer his texts.)

Inverted Cereal Bowl


To invert a cereal bowl involves immersing ceramic, in milk, in a box.

The cardboard can’t hold,
and has to sog
giving up droplets to the children of the counter
and the water cycle all
hopped up on sugar-singed commercials
advertising the merits of a glacier lifestyle,
the life of a…

So many people on tumblr just make me exhausted and tired of humanity.

Who gives a flying fuck. Stop being so incredibly self-righteous and pull that ego-boosting stick out of your ass. Jesus Christ.

I sleep in the same bed with the guy I love more than not… That’s pretty great :)

Twinkle, twinkle, little Cas

I was never in your ass.

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101 Rules of Crust Punk/D-Beat/Anarcho



1. First off don’t bathe. Like ever. You need that stench

2. Even if it means you have to cancel a tour because you caught scabies.

3. Wear black all the time because Crass.

4. If possible try and be from Sweden.

5. Or Japan.

6. If you are from Sweden try and…

This is perfect.

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What a cutie!!!