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City Crossing


There are weeds in where the concrete puddles on the basin’s fringes,
The armpits of a borderland intook, nip tucked and lip-straight,
like a smile with warm extending up into the eyes
and down into the breastplate of the city I lived in
so thoroughly and fervishly

Pressed up against a…






four for you, punk rock jensen
you go, punk rock jensen

This is perfect 

The little gleam in his eyes in the last gif

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I’ve saved this since March to post.


I’ve saved this since March to post.

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I don’t think college excitement is for me.

I’m sitting in my room drinking beer by myself without pants on feeling sorry for myself and stressing over the future… It’s my first day.

Sometimes I wish we could just get married and skip everything else.


because we all need dancing baby groot on our blogs.

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David Spade: My Fake Problems premieres Sunday at 10/9c.

Click here for a clip.

So all day my mom’s yelled at me for not packing… I’m pretty much done packing… and then she yells at me for packing too much… when I literally haven’t changed a thing… she was looking at the same pile… then she yelled at me about my diet and how I’m fat. And then I asked her since she was getting up to get me water… which is in the other room… she throws it down and sprays my entire computer with water… and then apparently i “have some fucking nerve” to get angry because she got water all over my computer…

and my boyfriend isn’t responding to anything and I need to talk to him about these things and also an email from one of his teachers saying he didn’t show up to class… and he’s ignoring me… when he promised he’d stop… great.

This just makes me happy… After a shitty year seeing all the schools I got into… but it also makes me think about the 16 different lives I could have chosen.

I’m so unhappy… I haven’t felt this way in a very long time… If I’m so important to him why does he ignore me?

It’s been 3 days… and the only time he texted me was to ask for his schedule because he lost it… he didn’t even say thank you when I sent it to him.


remember when james franco was cute


steven tyler or hip grandma? 99% of people get this wrong

Corey’s going to get the shit kicked out of him if he doesn’t contact me soon.