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I just want to skip the whole college thing, be in graduate school, and have a goal. I want to have a job and be living with Corey… And we have two cats and we’re skinny as fuck because he’s paying off med school loans and is in residency and I’m doing whatever, living off ramen and creative ways to make kale.

I want to wake up next to him and have a goal.

Why are so many of my friends ignoring me? I mean my skidmore friends are cool… but old friends are kind of cool too… what did I do?


We made up. We had make up sex, it was pret-ty great -_^

I’m really really thinking about linguistics.

We don’t even have good sex anymore.

"I would tell you I miss you but what’s the fucking point. You don’t love me anymore and I fall asleep crying every night praying to whoever the fuck may be listening that you’ll call me and tell me to come home."

- I miss you so fucking much I don’t know how much longer I can do this. (via jessielou24)

Yeah… I don’t know.